To be an institute of global Excellence in pursuit of disseminating quality education and providing holistic development...

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To create vibrant centers for learning which provide a congenial atmosphere for students to excel academically strong and morally elevated individuals.

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President Message

SHRI SWAMINARAYAN GURUKULAM’s educational philosophy may be different from that of any other school you are considering.

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Principal Desk

Dear Parents, Your family is about to embark on a wonderful and exciting adventure. Let us work in partnership with you to nurture and educate your child.

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About Us

Education and various Samskaras are essential to develop a child completely. Man without education is like a blind and if though there is education but no Samskaras then that education turns the heavenly world into a hell. There have been many facilities and luxurious comforts in this world yet most of the areas are devoid of peace, fraternity and feeling of nationalism. In our country there are innumerable universities and schools yet our country needs such schools and educational institutes wherein along with education qualities like peace, fraternity, cleanliness, non-violence, simplicity and courage are instilled in the students and a strong and patriotic society may emerge...... .

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Notice Board

  • Exam Timetable [Std 1 to 8]
    Oral  Exam Timetable [Std 1 to 4] Written Exam Timetable [Std 1 to 4] Oral  Exam Timetable [Std 5 to 8] Written Exam Ti
            Sports Activities was held on saturday 24/02/2018 at swaminarayan gurukul school for standard 5 to 8 studen
           Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul school celebrated Republic Day with great enthusiasm. All the students assembled on th